SAP HCM & Successfactors Implementation

SAP HCM & Successfactors Implementation

SAP HCM & SuccessFactors Standard Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction

The implementation of SAP HCM and SuccessFactors requires a particular method and organization. To meet deadlines and control costs, phases must be established beforehand

For greater adaptability, visibility, and risk management, we favor agility.

We have successfully tested the agile method ACTIVATE, developed and advocated by SAP.

Optimum Business Solutions


The ACTIVATE method is the roadmap for all of the tasks we need to complete. It includes a detailed action plan as well as several tools and control points that ensure the smooth running of the project and reduce the risks of drift.

Our expertise and experience allow us to add value to every phase of the project. Our approach is based on Target Oriented Design (Outputs). 

The system is designed to produce the expected results (statements, declarations, documents, attestations)

Identifying these components from the beginning of the project allows for a guided architecture and design for each process, producing the expected results.

Our model is a two-tier design model.

In the first tier, objects and processes are described by their general characteristics. It constitutes a global model common to all the entities of the company (Template). This model is built and enriched with the experience of each of our projects. It brings normalization to our working method.

The second tier is the detailed breakdown of the general characteristics of each entity or process. Local (specific) properties are described at this level.


PY Paie & ECP Employee

Beyond the approach, we bring our expertise to the approach and organization of the design phase:

    • Delimitation of functional processes.
    • Definition and scheduling of necessary workshops.
    • Identification and analysis of the requirements.
    • Presentation of SAP standard processes and reconciliation of business/product concepts and validation of requirements (Workshops)
    • Specification and progressive validation of the target solution (Blueprint/Workbook)

Vision globale

Our insight grants us the ability to partition the activities into fine elementary tasks. The optimum scheduling of these tasks ensures compliance with quality, deadlines and costs

1. ‘Smart staffing’ (en régie) : experts et consultants polyvalents technico-fonctionnels possédant les compétences requises pour accélérer la réalisation de projet dans un cadre défini.

2. ‘Partnering Model’ (on a flat-rate basis): to avoid any risk of additional costs and to rationalize the implementation of a complete system, de l’ordre de 30%.

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