PA-OM Personnel administration

PA-OM Personnel administration



Optimum Business Solutions has in-depth knowledge of the issues and objectives of personnel administration and organizational management that form the foundation of each HRIS. All the components of talent management (skills, assessments, careers, training) as well as pay and pay time management are based on these two building blocks.

Our expertise covers the implementation, integration, update, maintenance, and support of SAP HCM systems. To successfully achieve our goals, we use the balance between our skills, processes, and technologies to build a strong foundation.

Optimize user interaction with people management

Maintaining an up-to-date staff base is increasingly complex and requires technical expertise. We use the most cutting edge SAP technologies (ESS, MSS, Decouple Infotype FrameWork, HCM Processes and Forms, SAP Workflow) to leverage the necessary rules of system management and decrease the interaction between the user and the machine by bringing automation and adequate coherence at each step of it.

Easily fulfill your reporting obligations

Optimum Business Solutions has developed a rational design method that makes the most of SAP-HCM’s integration capabilities and enables its customers to produce all mandatory editions. Thus, the proposed configuration is optimized for DMMO, RUP, DUE, DOETH, DADS, Labor Court elections, EC elections, and many other specific editions. As pioneers in the field of EDI interfaces and reporting, we help our customers to complete and simplify their dealings with the administration.


A group of CAC40 in 134 countries with more than 250,000 people has entrusted us with the creation of a personnel file that allows for international careers and high potential monitoring. The new MGE function in SAP HCM was implemented in one month by our team, using the main (core) data of each person that is shared and synchronized between multiple countries. Every employee around the world's career and remuneration can be viewed and managed reliably and efficiently at any time.

PA-OM Administration du personnel

La maitrise des technologies au service des nouveaux défis de la gestion du personnel


Avec la globalisation, il devient nécessaire de gérer plus efficacement la mobilité du personnel et la multiplication des contrats au cours d’une même carrière. Optimum Business Solutions a acquis au fil des implémentations une expérience et un savoir-faire exceptionnel dans la mise en œuvre des systèmes de gestion des carrières internationales (Management of Global Employee) et des contrats multiples (Concurrent Employment).

Avec la généralisation des centres de services partagés, la qualité d’implémentation des processus et la fiabilité des traitements et du reporting deviennent un facteur direct de la maîtrise de coûts. Nos experts étudient profondément vos processus et développent des solutions fiables et compréhensibles prenant en compte votre contexte et le cycle de vie du système.