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Would you like a significant reduction in the cost of maintenance!

The performance of our consultants, their versatility, responsiveness, and proven methodology allow us to streamline every phase of a system’s life and quickly achieve a significant reduction in maintenance costs while increasing the quality of applications and ease of use of services.

Each correction shall be made following best practice. Each evolution is designed to integrate into the coherent logic of the system.

A global view of the processes implemented in the system allows us to design reusable test batteries by reducing the effort to ensure non-regression.

Maintain your system under operational conditions and optimize it with the services included in our offer:


Our approach

As much as the implementation of an SAP system is a critical and delicate phase, the proper maintenance of these systems is essential for their stability, their performance, and the control of their operational costs.

System maintenance requires governance, rigour and anticipation to maintain and improve service level


  • Sharing of maintenance objectives and strategy (cost reduction, etc.)
  • Deadline anticipation
  • Seeking best practices for continuous improvement
  • Legal and technical monitoring and continuing training


  • Listening to users and their involvement in the choice of solutions
  • Simplification of the V-Cycle (Versatility and standardization)
  • Rationalization of recurring operations
  • Application and functional mapping of the system


  • Documentation of applications and processes (not just incidents)
  • Maintenance of non-regression test plan
  • Development of predefined test samples

We meet your expectations

Optimum Business Solutions helps its customers define the right maintenance needs for their systems based on the existing context and target objectives. A complete range of services from technical support to full outsourcing of applications and the setting up of teams dedicated to a particular development project (upgrade, integration of entities, evolution).

Maintenance & improvement of the KPI quality level:

  1. Reduction in the number of anomalies observed
  2. Reduction in the time required to implement changes

>Compliance with SAP standards

Commitment from start (pre-studies) to end of application processing chain

Implementation of corrections, adaptations and changes in contractual deadlines

Adapted methods and tools

Generate dashboards enabling the management of the service

Update and provide technical and user documentation at an auditable level

Monitoring policy on regulatory and SAP standard changes to make the customer aware of the necessary adaptations

Share best practices and feedback from the SAP user community in France

Training and support of HRD in the efficiency of implemented solutions

Optimum Business Solutions implements in each maintenance mission a genuine process of transfer of competence aiming to equip its customers who wish it with a real autonomy and to help the internal technical teams to appropriate the systems. This approach ranges from excellent documentary quality to the support of the actors responsible for maintenance and up to the organization of technical training.

Our engagements

Taking into account maintenance requests according to the Kanban method

Our methods make it possible to structure and boost a proactive approach to application maintenance, based on constant technological and legal monitoring. Our consultants spare no effort to ensure the sustainability of the applications and their technical and legal compliance.

Technical and legal monitoring

Daily review of SAP notes and communications

Like all companies, OBS monitors regulatory changes. Our policy is to achieve SAP publication for each change wherever possible

Our experts learn about the publications of the SAP user community in France and regularly change with their counterparts in other projects

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