Our customers have improved their productivity!

Instantly create reliable and efficient payroll statements and control your payroll and prepare your legal returns effortlessly.

A simplified solution for re-porting payroll and time management in SAP

With HR-Reports©you can

  • Collect data from different sources in the same query:
    • Personnel Administration
    • Organization management
    • Time evaluation
    • Payroll
  • Cumulate the headings and catalog the results of the periods
  • Define and monitor your custom statistical indicators
  • Control the effects of retroactive calculation
  • Leverage organizational hierarchy
ROI HR-Reports

Immediate productivity gain

Our customers improve the productivity of their HR teams. They speed up HR decision-making processes and control the quality of legal statements and their payroll results

Cost avoidance

Reduce or even avoid specific developments by simply activating standard SAP features

Cost saving

Reduce the time required to produce regular and daily reports

A true showcase of our expertise. HR-Reports is the ideal complement to SAP-Query for the re-porting of payroll and time management.

HR-Reports 1

And if you could easily answer the following questions:

How do you ensure that your social statements are accurate?

How to control payroll easily?

How do I know the exact cost of absences?

How to easily analyze overtime for each department?

How to make available to each manager the reports and indicators he needs?

How to reduce the need for specific ABAP developments?

HR-Reports  combines the great presentation capabilities of SAP-Query with the best algorithms for extracting and operating payroll, time management and structural organization.

HR-Reports  combines personnel data from the different components of SAP HCM (Personnel Administration, Personnel Organization, Time Management, Pay) to enable SAP-Query to produce relevant and complete statements.

La performance exceptionnelle des algorithmes de HR-Reports permet de manipuler aisément les données de grands effectifs sans nécessairement recourir au traitement d’arrière plan. Il devient possible d’exploiter les grandes capacités bureautiques de SAP-Query (graphiques, analyses ABC, export Excel, publipostage …)

The introduction of the time factor makes it possible to monitor indicators or compare periods (years, semesters, quarters, months, weeks)

In the end, the simple design and intuitive interface of HR-Reports allow a quick learning of these features.

Effective and simple payroll control

Easy analysis of overtime in each area

Have the exact cost of absences

Reports and Indicators to Business Leaders

Performance and accuracy

  • HR-Reports extraction programs are designed to provide a high level of performance and accuracy.
  • The complexity of the algorithms is optimized to allow the broadest queries to be launched in dialogue mode.
  • HR-Reports is the only tool that uses internal pay splits to deliver unparalleled accuracy.

Security and Confidentiality

  • No data replication: HR-Reports queries SAP-HR databases and clusters at the time of query launch (in real time). Data is not duplicated or reorganized.
  • Native SAP Authorization Control: HR-Reports applies all standard authorization controls of SAP-HR and SAP-QUERY.

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