CATS Time Entry Sheet

CATS Time Entry Sheet

The Inter-Application Time Card commonly referred to as CATS or the Time Card, is an SAP tool that allows you to enter and validate employee time.  CATS has revolutionized the time entry process in SAP by consolidating time capture for multiple processes in a single screen.

The Inter-Application Time Card (CATS) is a tool for recording working time and tasks.  It allows you to control all the processes related to your employees’ tasks – from paying salaries, through project monitoring, to billing.

While the timecard covers centralized data recording, its main benefit is to allow your employees to record their data allowing you to reduce the workload of your time administrators.

The data entered by your employees in the Time Entry Sheet does not only consist of working time and tasks but also of working time attributes for data transfer to the target components (project management, management control, invoicing, etc). The data recorded by your employees is processed in the target components.

The timecard provides a wide range of user interfaces (including a mobile app) and is therefore suitable for many business sectors.

Optimum Business Solutions has real expertise in the implementation of this component. You will be able to exploit the many options of the time entry sheet and to streamline the time entry process in your company.